Side of Lamb


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Our farmers are currently doing it tough! ABC recently reported some farmers are resorting to culling their sheep as there is no demand for them. What a shame!
Jake called a few of his farming friends to see how they were faring and quite a few were facing some pretty hard circumstances with sheep prices.

So we have drummed up this special and will run it as long as we can! We are paying farmers a mutually agreed rate above what the market is currently charging. Plus they are saving on things like agent and yard fees which normally eat into their revenue.

We are offering HALF A LAMB:

8 BBQ Chops
8 Point Rack
8 Loin Chops
4 Chump Chops
1 Whole Leg
1 Shank
They will be between 7.5kg – 9kg
The lamb will come bagged up as 1 bulk lot – we will not be individually packing these cuts.
We are doing this do increase our capacity to process volume for these farmers and to keep the retail price down for you!
You can take this fresh lamb home and bag it to store it as you wish.
These half lambs are not in stock.
Turnaround time will be 7-14 days, we will be in contact with you to arrange it. Currently we are only offering this as local pick up.
All lambs we are purchasing are local and grass fed & finished.
Thank you for helping our local farmers!