Honey, Lard and Tallow

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Honey, Lard and Tallow

Raw Honey - Simple, Nutritional, Healing 

Raw honey is renowned for being nature’s elixir. It’s packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and antibacterial properties — and tastes divine. Healing power doesn’t need to come from medication; it can be found in food. You just have to know where to look.

Raw honey is extracted straight from the hive, unfiltered, untreated, and never heated. Our honey is alive with an abundance of healing goodness and life; to pasteurise that would be a tragedy. So if you check out our honey in-store, be sure to have a look at the top of the honey. Propolis, wax, and all sorts of little healthy goodies float up to the top. Consider that our truth window!

Where is Wolki Farm Raw Honey Created?

Our apiary rotates between our Thurgoona & Kancoona properties buzzing around our bushlands, orchards, and gardens. We leave our bees to do their own thing (while keeping a caring eye on them). Then, when we smell the honey flow, we extract the beautiful golden syrup on-site, ensuring we leave them enough to get through the following season.




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