Wild Harvest Venison

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Wild Harvest Venison

Wild Harvest Venison has to be one of the most sustainable red meat dishes you could eat.

For a bit of history, deer were introduced to Australia in the 1800s during a Commonwealth initiative to bring more ‘beautiful species’ to Australia. The problem is, like with many introduced species, deer are prolific without natural predators; destroying native and farming vegetation. As a result, they’re often culled and left to waste away (or feed more introduced species).

Question is, why are we wasting such a fantastic food source?  Buying Wolki venison is not only a tasty, healthy decision, but it’s a sustainable one. It means you’re playing a role in protecting our ecosystem for future generations.

Lean, tender, and subtly flavoured—venison's the perfect game meat for everyone. And if you're looking for nutrient-dense food, you've indeed met your match.

This protein packs a punch; in the typical red meat world, it sports the highest protein per gm and the lowest fat content. Couple that with superior iron and Omega 3 levels, and you have a home run.

One of our properties, Wombat Springs, Kancoona, has an overabundance of wild game. In response, we've engaged a resident sharpshooter who has all the gear and appropriate paperwork to harvest these animals humanely and ethically on site.

Our truly free-range, chemical-free, sustainable meat option is then inspected by licensed professionals for quality control before hitting the Wolki Butchery shelves. So you can be sure that you're getting only the best!



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