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Grass Fed Pork

Pigs belong in the forest. Our heritage breed pigs enjoy a slow rotation through our farm paddocks, relishing in the shade of trees and whatever goodies they can root up in the soil. They move to fresh pastures every couple of weeks to find fresh tucker; giving the earth a rest. These pigs are doing what they were created to do.

For Wolki Farm, pigs on grass means: 

  • No Chemicals: We move our pigs into new paddocks every two weeks, moving them to fresh pasture and away from waste—negating the need for chemicals to keep them healthy.
  • No Cages: Our girls farrow in private outdoor pens with loads of room and comfortable bedding to build safe, secure nests for their piglets. From there, all piglets and pigs grow out as nature intended—happy as a pig in mud.
  • Pork that's red, not white: You heard it here folks, pork isn’t the ‘new white meat’. This slogan was introduced to encourage consumers to accept commercial farming methods. But you’re smarter than that.

Are you eating that?

Pork isn’t the ‘new white meat’. This slogan was introduced in the 80s, encouraging consumers to accept the new look of pork produced using commercial farming methods, aka confinement housing.

In reality, pale pork indicates an animal who’s never roamed in the pasture, or dug in the dirt. Instead it’s likely been subjected to a steady diet of medication to keep it alive and reproducing.

If your pork is closer to white than red you are being lied to and sold an inferior product.

Our pork is red meat, as it should be, and just so happens to be delicious as well.

Farms, not factories

Let’s not crackle-coat it — confinement housing isn’t ok. Not for the animal, the environment, or the consumer. It’s cruel, and results in pork that’s been loaded with chemicals since conception. You are what you eat—do you really want what your food eats?

When you purchase farm-direct you not only receive nutritious, delicious produce, but you’re sending a genuine vote of NO to factory farming. No sheds, sow stalls, drugs, antibiotics, GMO, electric prodders, AI, and no rubbish! Be the change you want to see.

What our customers say: 

"I am someone who cares deeply about where my food comes from and how it was grown. The conditions that the commercial pork industry subjects it’s animals to is horrendous and as a result, I have chosen to forgo pork for over 2 years.

The work of Wolki Farm with their regenerative agricultural philosophy and their commitment to animal welfare means I can now on occasion, enjoy pork knowing it came from an animal that was free to be what nature intended it to be.

We need to support Wolki Farm and regenerative agriculture as a whole so we, our kids, and future generations will have access to real, nutrient dense foods without the destruction of our natural environment.

Support local, support regenerative and embrace the extra few dollars that this costs, knowing that you are making a difference."

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