Roast Pork Rack

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Roast Pork Rack

Roast pork rack is probably my favourite thing to cook and eat. The cripsy salty crackle and juicy flesh in the middle. Paired with lard roasted potatoes, greens and homemade gravy made from the juices while cooking.

Prep time: overnight perferred
Cook Time: Depends on size of pork
Rest time: 10-15 minutes 

  • 1 Wolki Farm Pork Rack
  • 2-3 cups liquid- wine (white or rose)
  • Broth or water
  • 1-2 tablespoons salt flakes (Murray river salt flakes recommended)
  • For the Gravy: butter, smooth mustard, corn flour or tapicoa flour
Remove pork from cyrovac bag and sit on a baking rack with a tray underneath in the fridge. For best results leave overnight, but a couple of hours will do. This allows the skin to dry out and helps it to crackle.

Take pork out of the fridge 20-30mins before cooking to allow it to warm up. Preheat the oven to 220c.

Score the skin if not already scored. A sharp knife or Stanley knife work well. Scores closer together create a better crackle.

Place pork into a baking dish, you want the pork flesh submerged in liquid, but not the skin. Normally around 2-3cm deep. *see notes for baking dish size.

Rub some salt into the skin just before you put it into the oven. If you put salt on and let it sit on the bench it starts to soften the skin and brings the moisture out which ruins the crackle. So straight into the oven once salt is on. Really try push the salt into the grooves.

You can use water, bone broth, white wine or rose, but a mixture of all 3 is my preference! This is the foundation for your gravy. You may need to top the water level up during the cooking. It’s fine if you have less at the end of the cook time but don’t let it dry up and burn during the cook.

Cook with a thermometer, instead of a time by weight measure. You want to cook the middle of the roast to 55-60c. After about 30mins check the internal temp. Normally the skin is looking nice and crackled when the inside temp is reached.

Depending on your roast size cooking can take anywhere from 30-60+ mins.

Once at an internal of 55-60c take it out and allow it to rest. Pour off the left over liquid into a saucepan. Wrap around the flesh with foil but don’t cover the crackle as it will become moist from the heat condensation and ruin it.

The resting time is important as the pork has been cooked at a really high temperature it needs some resting time to relax to remain tender.

To make the gravy place saucepan over medium heat and add mustard, more wine if needed, salt and pepper, and a bit of butter right at the end. You can add a bit of flour if you want to thicken faster.


Choose a baking dish with sides that isnt too big for the rack, you want it to just fit in. Otherwise you will be adding too much liquid.


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