Nutrient Dense Smoothie

  • , by Jacob Wolki
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Nutrient Dense Smoothie

Smoothies are fantastic, because the kids think they're eating ice cream, it's packed full of high fibre fruit and whole dairy (or milk of choice) and you can hide things in them with no complaints! 

Smoothies are so fast to make, great for rushed mornings or even consuming in the car on the way to work, school or play. 

But the thing I like best about smoothies is what you can pack into them largely unnoticed.

Many kids don't seem to like drinking warm drinks, like a liquid bone broth. It's a new sensation, a strange one. But that doesn't mean that your kids (and, par for the course, yourself) miss out on the nutritional benefits of bone broth.

If you're looking for more ways to include bone broth into your diet, turn your bone broth into ice-cubes first, and keep your batch of broth in a freezer container ready-to-use. 

Here's what I include in my nutrient-dense smoothie that all the family enjoy: 

  • Organic milk
  • Raw wolki farm honey
  • Collagen powder
  • Wolki farm raw egg
  • Bone broth ice cubes
  • Liver capsules
  • Organic fruit of choice (pictured here is mango, but any fruit will do)

The result is a sweet and fluffy shake packed full of protein, calcium, fibre, collagen, electrolytes and a boost to your daily intake of vitamins and minerals  such as magnemium, calcium, iron and potassium in your bone-broth ice-cubes. 

Though only a small boost to your daily intake of vitamins and minerals, the glutamine in bone broth is known for promoting gut health and digestion, maintaining the gut barrier fuction and preventing leaky-gut. 

Protein supports the immune system, with glutamine helping to control cytokines, which are proteins in the body that influence immune system cells. 

Collagen is also a crucial component of healthy hair, skin and nails, enhancing skin elasticity and hydration. 

Being high in sodium, your bone-broth ice-cubes are replenishing electrolytes lost in exercise (or, you know, the very active daily tasks that comes with being a mother and farmer's wife!)

Give it a go, and please let me know what sort of feedback you get from your family! 



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