Greg Gunthorp, American Pig Farmer talking with Jake Wolki

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Greg Gunthorp, American Pig Farmer talking with Jake Wolki

Our first in the series, Australian farmer Jake Wolki's video chat with American pig farmer Greg Gunthorp!

Greg is an innovative and hard working farmer from Indiana who breeds, finishes, slaughters, butchers and direct markets pasture raised pork. He farrows on field, raises outside and slaughters in his USDA inspected on farm plant while direct marketing everything! He is an absolute wealth of knowledge and I was tickled pink to have the opportunity to talk with him.

Greg's farming prowess is matched only by his lobbying prowess. 

He's the most energretic family farm and processing (abattoir) advocate in the world. 

There's so much that I've learned from Greg Gunthorp and I hope that you get something out of it too. 

If he had time to write it, his book on grass fed or pastured pork would be the bible. 

Visit his website HERE to learn more about Greg, and take a look at the video below (1 hour long). 

Just a warning that there's an abrupt ending, we had some audio issues we were working through, but we're huge fans of Greg and Greg being the generous human he is, means we're going to continue this conversation again. 

The Wolki Farm podcast is the publishing of the candid conversations that Jacob Wolki has with other farmers, processors and marketers. Jacob picks their brains as the best way to upskill is the learn from the best!


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