Mr Bankman

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Mr Bankman

I had a sit down with Mr Bankman (new suit) today. He asked me, "Who are your customers?” and "How have you marketed Wolki Farm as a premium product?”.

My response ended up being a bit of a biography. The first bodies of beef, pork, + few chooks that went through our production were just for our private consumption. I've had skin and respiratory allergies and issues my whole life. The final straw for me was after a moment of desperation at the Dr’s. I pleaded my case.

I remember specifically telling the Dr that I was ready to move to the coast away from my family and businesses — just to get a break from my sinus issues. I asked for a steroid injection — which she thankfully denied.

She upped my meds and I went to the pharmacy. I cashed my 3 scripts: a tablet, eye drop, and nasal spray.

The pharmacist looked at me weird when I handed him my script and questioned what was up. It was ‘eyebrow raising’ for him. I just dismissed him — too busy trying to not sneeze, and control my watery eyes and running nose.

Once I paid for my new meds I started heading for the door. On the way out I ripped open the box of nasal spray and gave it a hit.

As I stepped onto the street both of my freshly injected nostrils let go — solid streams of blood pouring out of them.I spent some time plugging myself up and mitigating the disaster flow, while thinking to myself, “there has to be a better way”.

Fast forward and I’ve been on a big ‘food healing journey’. In my life, at least, food has been the answer.

Less processed foods, less sugar, less seed oils, less carbohydrates. I cut the crap and started managing better and feeling good.

Then my environment came into it — mouth taping, blocking blue light, filtering water, organic deodorants, etc. So who are my clientele? People who are also on a food healing journey.

The first animals we processed were for me. I was on a mission to heal myself and to rebuild the snotty mess of a unit that Ann had married.

The animals we process now are for me, my family, and my clientele.

Parallel to this journey I had become disenfranchised to factory farming. Could I really internally reconcile with eating an animal that had been raised in a factory farm environment its whole life? The answer was no. I was raised in a vegetarian(ish) family but the reason why was never discussed. “Just because”.

So when the atrocities of factory farming became front and centre in my mind, I couldn’t ignore them. It wasn’t foreign to me and the rational behind ending commodity abuse on animals made sense.

So Wolki Farm was born out of necessity — with a splash of desperation. We needed healing foods and we didn’t want the suffering of animals, or environment, to pick up the tab.

The bank shop boardroom rant was over. It made sense to me, and maybe it made sense to them. Regardless, I’ve been consumer to the yield of my toil since 2019 and feel a million bucks. I haven’t been medicated since then. I’m almost 15kg lighter, my allergies are under control, and every season I’m chalking up wins on the ‘health board’.

Thanks for reading; go eat some grass fed steak. Your body will thank you for it.


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