Ham BANNED in schools!

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Ham BANNED in schools!

JThis morning I got sent a news article from, headlining “Western Australia introduces new limits on ham at school canteens, banning iconic lunch”.

This has been brewing in the back of my mind all day, reminiscent of 2022’s similar folly by the Australian Cancer Council, “Cancer Council urges parents to ‘ditch the ham sandwich’ in school lunchboxes”.

How about schools just go ahead and school? I’m less than excited about being told what to feed my children. Which experts are we listening to today? What’s the latest in food science? Meatless Mondays like schools in New York?

Do they still teach the food pyramid, or do we all now accept that it was damaging and false food guidance?

Information released by The Grattan Institute reported that literacy in Australia is in a crisis and that only 12% of 15 year olds were able to read at an ‘advanced level’. Is this because they are eating too much ham?

If children are being sent to school with poor (or no) lunches and the school is catering for them, I understand the schools interest in what they are serving. But to hold ham from the offering seems more idealogical than in anyones best interest.

The school in question says that they haven’t been serving confectionary or soft drinks from their canteen since 2007 – which I applaud!

I went to a private school that only opened the canteen once weekly. They did sell a small range lollies and treats – but only on a Wednesday.

This suited me down to the ground.

My grandpa used to take me to the local wholesalers and I’d spend my pocket money buying boxes sweets and I ran a 5 day canteen out of my school bag. I only had competition 1 day a week and even then, their range was lousy!

Eventually the school got onto me and they shut my budding confectionary empire down. Looking back, I wonder who fibbed!

This shut down dramatically affected my sales as I had to resort to only trading on the school bus. It was still profitable, but no longer lucrative.

While I do commend this schools keen interest in our young peoples diet and their removal of hard sugar from their canteen, I am miffed to see ham lumped in with Coca Cola and sour worms.

I’d assert that the ham would likely be the best thing in that sandwich. I’m sure we would be correct in assuming that the bread used is a plain white bread and the cheese probably some fast food equivalent that would sit on your kitchen bench shining full health in perpetuity.

What would be more appropriate food for our young people then?

Keep in mind that we are asking these children to sit still, be quiet, keep your hands to yourself and pay attention from 9am till 3pm with a few breaks along the way. A task that most adults couldn’t (and shouldn’t have to) do.

Well, “Green foods” which are encouraged include popcorn, pizza bases, cheese and crackers.
“Amber foods” include potato chips, wedges, cookies, cakes, sweet pastries and our poor friend in question, humble ham.

A packed lunch for our children (and ourselves) looks like this; cold sausages, cheese, cold roast veggies, cut up fruit and some gelatine gummies that Mrs W makes – generally laced with collagen, beef liver powder and some seasonal fruit.

In agriculture, farmers don’t wonder about how to grow strong and healthy animals. High protein diets. We covet highly nutrition grasses with a high level of protein in them. If young piglets don’t get enough protein in their diet they will never hit their full potential.

Ham is 21% protein! That’s good enough for chick starter!


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