Degenerates in the public eye

  • , by Jacob Wolki
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Degenerates in the public eye

Otto (6) is a very engaging boy and loves to have in depth conversations. 

We were driving in to town earlier this week listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan (fun fact, my family used to own Record stores and my 4 years out of school was working in one). Otto asked me who he was, what he does now. I told him that he was a fantastic musician who sadly died young in an accident. Otto said "do lots of musicians die young in accidents dad?". What a profound question. "Yes Otto, yes they do. But generally not the kind of accident that SRV had".

We spoke about drugs, wild lifestyles, overdoses. He said "but not all drugs are bad, you said mum had drugs when they operated on her leg?". We discussed the differences between opioids, antibiotics, steroids. We spoke about drugs being a tool and us being the master - and the inverse.  

To wrap up the conversation I told Otto something that I think every young person should hear and learn. "SRV makes fantastic music that we love, but we shouldn't necessarily look up to him for anything else. Look to musicians for musical inspiration. Look to entrepreneurs for business inspiration. Look to philosophers for thinking inspiration". 

Imagine having your children entering impressionable teenage years idolising the complete degenerates that populate the public eye. Musicians, athletes and other entertainers who we love to focus on are rarely in headlines for wholesome and positive things. 

Who knows how much sunk in - more than we would imagine, I'd bet. Have these conversations with your children before they get access to these topics through their peers and the media. Rear your progeny with intention.


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