Boutique Agriculture

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Boutique Agriculture

I had a brilliant response to my blog about ramping up our pork enterprise and making the case for scale in regenerative d2m agriculture.

“Sometimes I think Regenerative Agriculture should be renamed Boutique Agriculture”

What a brilliant reframing.

It tips the hat to the craftsmanship, quality and nobility of the trade. But also offers a bit of context around the affordability and access - or lack there of. “Boutique” probably also covers our industry's inconsistency in a fairly kind light!

If we were truly compassionate and caring about food systems and feeding our people, wouldn’t we want to ramp up production to satisfy market demand, while simultaneously improving efficiencies and sophistication which would result in reduced pricing? 

The poorer someone is the more they would benefit from this being undertaken.

It’s been 2 weeks since I mothballed our broiler enterprise and the simplicity in our business is incredible. The headspace and bandwidth that I have to offer my (many) remaining enterprises is luxurious and it’s making me aggressively hungry to march forward.

I’m actually thinking about what else I need to trim. Eggs next?

I don’t want to run 6 enterprises pretty well, I want to be a world class pioneer for 1 or 2.


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