So, you’ve ordered a Wolki Box and your mouth’s watering in anticipation…can’t blame you, you’re in for a real treat! But as with everything, good things take time, and, friend, it could be a couple of nights before your family’s tucking into your pasture-raised goodness.

We’re committed to bringing you the freshest, ethically-raised meats straight from our farm to your table. All our meat is conveniently cryovac packed and frozen while fresh for ultimate shelf life and freshness.

It’s kept frozen for the entire trip from our family-owned butchery to your family dinner table.

here's how a wolki farm delivery works:

step one - PACKING DAY

Tuesday’s packing day at Wolki Butchery no matter what produce you order, or where you order from. Your order then makes its way to our depot freezer, waiting to make its grand voyage to your front door.

step two - DELIVERY DAY

Ok, so get your tastebuds ready, your box of pasture raised goodness will be delivered on one of the delivery runs scheduled below:

Delivered same week as packing day

Melbourne Metro: Friday

Mornington: Friday

Yarra Valley: Friday

Delivered following week to packing day

Adelaide Metro: Wednesday

Ballarat / Bendigo: Wednesday

Blue Mountains: Wednesday

Brisbane Metro: Tuesday

Canberra: Friday

Central Coast: Tuesday

Geelong: Wednesday

Gippsland: Monday

Gold Coast: Tuesday

Mansfield: Tuesday

Newcastle: Tuesday

Perth: Tuesday

South Highlands: Friday

Sunshine Coast: Wednesday

Sydney Metro: Tuesday

Wollongong: Friday

Want to know which delivery run your delivery will be on? Search for your suburb here.