Rough Cut Lamb (Pet Food)


  • Sold in 10kg bags
  • Grass fed, local lamb
  • Cut rough, selling as pet food


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Why so cheap? Why dog food?

These are ram lambs, around 12 months old. A local farmer grows out a large number of rams and selects the best to introduce as breeders. The rest get processed. Industry values them very little at the moment. Some people would say they are tough and chewy.

Lots of people are asking if they can eat this lamb? ABSOLUTELY.

It’s been through an abattoir and has all been processed and handled just like we would any other lamb. Only difference is that I’ve cut it into big chunks (as pictured). We won’t be processing these into the normal ‘human’ cuts you’re used to as we are super tight on labour atm.

Help a farmer out, and make Fido happy – everyone wins here!

Yes – we can ship.



  • Min order is 10kg
  • The lamb will come bagged up in 5kg bags
  • All hoggets are purchased local, and grass fed & finished
  • Thanks to you legends, we’ve already sold out of our first run, lead time to next run is approx 14 days. Get in quick, the first lot sold out FAST!
  • If we are posting this to you it will arrive frozen in 5kg chunks.
We are doing this do increase our capacity to process volume for these farmers and to keep the retail price down for you!
You can take this fresh lamb home and bag it to store it as you wish.
Thank you for helping our local farmers!